Free Printable Stock Up Price Lists for Canada


You wanted it – You Got it!

Don’t you hate it when your standing in your local grocery store looking at a sale Item, and you ponder about the price!

Well we created several cheat sheets for you to add to your binder!

We based our “Don’t pay more than”  price points on the last 3 months of sales flyers across the region.  These prices were spotted several times.

Walmart Regular Prices!  –  It’s always great to have a starting point on price!  We hate it  when stores put something on sale and it’s not a Good price! This section takes the guess work out!

Example Fantastik is advertised in many flyers on sale for $3.99  – That’s a terrible price when Walmart has it priced at $3.27 every day!

Lowest Price: You add in the lowest price!  –  It would of been easy for us to include this, but it’s better to let you focus on your town/City and your shopping habits.  We wanted to create a list people can use ACROSS CANADA – and no matter where you live, you can use our lists as a starting point for both the beginner Couponer and the Seasoned Couponer.



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Stock Up Price Lists 

We can sympathise with you on beginning your price book: It’s tough to know what to buy at what price.

Popular Brands that usually have coupons each year

  • Don’t Pay more than
  • Walmart Regular Price
  • Blank Space for you to add Lowest Price! 

Simply Click on the links below and Print and add them to your Coupon Binder!  ( All PDF Files)

*** We have worked very hard  on compiling these price  lists for months!*** Do not copy and paste any of the information inside these pdf files onto another website, forum or facebook group…. Simply direct them to this page!

Other Bloggers : This information (inside each pdf file) is copyrighted has already been put online – So PLEASE do your own home work and create your own list.



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