Shaw Free Wifi


Shaw Go WiFi for everyone

Shaw has opened up their Shaw Go Wifi for everyone in Canada if there is a network near you. The Shaw Go WiFi network has over 100,000 free wifi spots across Canada at various private and public domains.

All you need to do is look for the “Shaw Go Network ” on your mobile phone and connect. You do not need a login or even a Shaw ID.

“Shaw customer or not, we know that it is important to stay connected, especially in times like this,” said a news release from the company.

I know many cities have Shaw internet  – so this is great for saving your cellular data when you are outside or during essential shopping times.

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The offer is valid for a Limited Time.

Shaw “Go Wifi” hotspots span across Canada from British Columbia to Ontario. The full list of locations is available on the Shaw website.

How to Find Free Shaw Wifi Spots?

If you download the Shaw Go WiFi Finder application on your device, you can discover hotspots around you if available.   To find the Download, Scroll Down the page 3/4 of the way.