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What is G7 Instant Coffee?

G7 claims to be a gourmet instant coffee!

How does that work? Well its coffee taht is full and rich! And there is an instant cofee following – some people prefer instant coffee to get the full effect of the coffee bean!

G& is extracted from the bean of the coffee which they claim gives you a better cup than the normal of the freeze dried coffee beans.

They claim to not be bitter testing and also claim to be famous in Asia ( Southeast)

G7 by Trung Nguyen Coffee. – One of Asian Highly Competitive market

Thier product 3-in-1 Coffee is the most popular instant coffee because it contains a creamer and a sweetner all in One.

None of the ingredients are from China

And 1 pkg of G& makes 6 ounces of coffee!

My thoughts!

I actually enjoy instant coffee from time to time – especially in the summer – when I don’t want more than a cup – I don’t know what it is about camping but I love Instant coffee with all the cold summer air first thing in the morning!

How about you?



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