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You can use the free Sample for someone who may need a life of spirits.

Two ways of getting this Freebie

  • Choose to download free e-cards to print.
  • Request to have one mailed to your home address. ( $5.00 S&H )

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About Gift of Kindness

Kindness is a simple act that can make someone feel loved, joyful, peaceful, good, faithful, and more.

The Gift of Kindness shares many meanings to many different people. A simple smile or gesture can be more dramatic in a positive effect. It’s about doing something for someone else and not the purpose of a self-gratifying response.

Kindness is to do unto others as you would have done to you. 

Try it. You’ll find that the benefit far outweighs the effort. You can get ten times more than what you put in! Kind people are less stressed and more thankful and overall lead healthier lives