, Glad Canada Sale on Garbage Bags



, Glad Canada Sale on Garbage Bags, Glad Canada Sale on Garbage BagsGlad Kitchen Garbage Bag Sale!

Get 30 bags box of Glad Easy-Tie Tall Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness! for just $4.97

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TEN Practical Ways to Use Glad Trash Bags 

, Glad Canada Sale on Garbage Bags

Glad: Commercial

Here’s the latest Glad Garbage bag commercial found on Youtube! It’s only 15 seconds long! But demonstrates the love of Glad garbage bags from the Garbage Truck Driver! Somewhat cute!


Easy Tie Fan?

Are you an Easy Tie Fan? I know I prefer the four corner technique and dislike the tie rope style – but that’s my personal preference in bags! I find the tie plastic kind of a pain to undo if using for storage reasons!

What’s your style of Garbage bags?