, Glutino Canada Contest ~ Win a Month Worth of Glutino Products!



Glutino is giving one of their Facebook fans a month supply of Glutino, gluten-free products!


  • Daily entry
  • Quebec friendly

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Contest ends July 2, 2014

About Glutino

Glutino is a brand, that specializes in gluten-free food products. For people who have a gluten sensitivity or allergies… or just choose to eat a gluten-free diet.

Glutino product list

  • Glutino Bagels, Plain (gluten-free) 650g
  • Glutino Bagels, Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin (gluten-free) 700g
  • Glutino Bagels, Poppy Seed (gluten-free) 650g
  • Glutino Bagels, Sesame (gluten-free) 650g
  • Glutino Baguettes, Corn (10″) (gluten-free) 430g
  • Glutino Bread, Corn w/Fibre (gluten-free) 575g
  • Glutino Bread, Corn w/Raisins (gluten-free) 640g
  • Glutino Raisin Bread
  • Glutino Bread, Corn (gluten-free) 540g
  • Glutino Bread, Flax Seed (gluten-free) 600g
  • Glutino Bread, Whole Grain Brown Rice (gluten-free) 670g
  • Glutino Bread, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Mesquite (gluten-free) 670g
  • Glutino English Muffins (gluten-free) 485g
  • Glutino Hamburger Buns, Corn (gluten-free)