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Here’s the latest GoodNites Coupon for Canada

  • Save $2.00 off on any ONE (1) package of GoodNites NightTime Underwear
  • Save $2.00 off on any ONE (1) package of GoodNites Bed Mats

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Bed Wetting is a very common thing for many kids. Here is a place where you can find tons of helpful advice, tips, and products that will ease both parents and kids alike.

If your child wets the bed at night there are some great products out there.

Goodnites Underwear: for boys and girls ages 4 years and older. What I like about this product is the fact that it is made with a quiet fabric, making it easier for your child to wear on sleepovers, etc. Makes them feel like they are wearing underwear but still are getting the protection they need. These are very comfortable and come with graphics that the kids will love.

Boys Designs come in Truck, Skate, and Chopper

Girls Designs come in Heart, Monkey, and Butterfly

Bed Mats: This product helps with those frequent bed sheet changes. Just place, peel, and protect. Remove and discard. These bed mats can absorb just as much fluid as a XL pair of Goodnites Underwear. Should not be used with kids who are less than 3 years of age.

Bed Wetting Education

Did you know that one in nine kids wet the bed?

Here you read about causes and treatments of bed wetting, support for your child, support for parents, advice, and what to do in social situations.

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