Grumblies Canada $19.98 at Amazon

Grumblies Canada: Where to Buy

Right now you can purchase these interactive grouchy toys at Walmart!

What the toy is about:

  • Simply Poke, Shake, Tilt, Roll for a Meltdown!
  • 40 Different Reactions and Sounds!
  • Each Grumblie has unique personalities and unique sounds
  • Included is 3 AAA batteries
  • Age 5 +

Price Vary from on sale as low as $19.99

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Shipping Prices vary – see site for details

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About the Hit Toy  Grumblies!

These gumpy toys just hit the shelves in Canada in late 2018, and they have hit one of the top 20 toys to buy, this past Christmas season – So they have become a pretty hot toy!

What are Grumbles?

They are toys that have movement and load noises – they imitate chaos such as shake and bounce up and down and act “Grouchy”  Check out the YouTube below to see in action.  Each one has a different personality! Collect all 4 if you get a chance

Available in Green, Red, Blue, and Purple,

Best Price we have seen is $19.99

The official Grumblies Commercial on Youtube:

Watch the Grumblies toys  in action


Grumblies Review on Youtube:

Here’s a look at the most watch Review of the Grumblies Toy

I had to laugh at one comment that said Age has not been kind to the “Angry Birds” lol. Yep, I can see the Resemblance!  

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