Fun Halloween Activities for Younger Children


Halloween Activities for Younger Children

Older children really like Halloween activities that are scary and thrilling. This may include a trip to the local amusement park for some Halloween festivities. Parents who have teenage children can easily fork over some money so they can go to the local amusement park with their friends but need to do something with their younger children so they will be happy and satisfied. Here ae some ideas for Halloween Activities for Younger Children.

Ideas for Halloween Activities for Younger Children

  1. Halloween Hayride– Plan on taking a trip to a local farm or apple orchard. They usually have hayrides for families around Halloween. You may also be able to pick up one or more pumpkins for carving.
  2. Movies– Children love to watch movies and there are many Halloween movies to choose from. Monsters Inc, and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown are just two Halloween movies that are geared towards younger children.
  3. Halloween Crafts-Children love to work with their hands and what better way to spend time creating unique Halloween Crafts. Paper masks, pumpkin window art, fridge magnets, and even painting flower pots as pumpkins, ghosts, or monsters are just a few ideas that they can choose from.
  4. Halloween Games- You could plan to play some Halloween Games such as bobbing for apples, Halloween Go Fish, Halloween Bingo, and other similar age-appropriate games.
  5. Halloween Treats– Another thing that you can do with younger kids is to make homemade Halloween treats. Trail mix and pumpkin candy mixed together will make monster mix. Grab some gummy worms and Jello to make a wormy treat. Pretzels and white fondant, and black cake writing gel quickly turn into witches brooms. Graham wafers, green frosting, and candy eyeballs suddenly transform into Halloween Monsters. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Trick or Treating– You can also take the younger kids trick or treating around the neighbourhood. They will enjoy seeing the other costumes and getting some treats. Limit your time to 2 hours so they will not become overtired and agitated.

These are just a few Halloween Activities that young children enjoy. You could also ask your children for ideas on what they would like to do. No matter what, make sure to plan ahead of time so everything will be ready when the big day rolls around. Everyone will be excited for the day to start and being organized will help to keep your stress levels to a minimum.



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