Herbal Essences Canada Review


My Herbal Essence Review on their newest line “Wild Natures”

I received my box of Herbal Essence products ( Trial Size medium size) from Bzz Agent Which by the way is a Great way to get a chance to review products from many product Tester Companies 


The Best thing about Herbal Essence is usually the intense smell of the products – but this line is soft and not much of a strong smell – But this was the only let down in my opinion.

The #Firsttime Using the #trio – I felt it made my hair softer especially after the rub through oil – but then I thought it was just in my head on how much I was actually paying attention because it was a #New #Product.

So I switched back to my Pantene that I was using for a few days + on top of it I was at our Lake Lot and used Head n Shoulders Shampoo and Dove Conditioner  to come back Home to wash again with #Wild Natures !

I can conclude that #Wild Natures is now my  #GOTO Herbal essence product!

I really fell in love with the “OIL ELIXIR  which conditions with every drop Intensively ! – It didn’t make my hair greasy feeling or looking like many other “leave in conditioner types that exist on the market.

I’m not going to say I won’t use anything Else But! That would be a Lie! I’m a believer in changing up hair products frequently through out the year! But In my opinion the Oil Elixir might be a Regular Item on the list to use !


Over All my hair felt very soft and obviously clean – which is what us #Chicks want out of a combination of hair products! Go HERBAL!

Also Herbal Essence &  BZZ Agent gave me a few  coupons for $1.00 and $2.25 off for some of my friends!




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