Home Depot Free DIY Workshops – Kids- Adults – February 2018

Free Workshops at Home Depot –

  • Install a Toilet – Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Install Floor and Backsplash Tile – Sunday, February 25, 2018
  • NEW: Kids Kids can learn how to build their very own Periscope – March 10, 2018

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Events take place on the above dates.



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Home Depot FREE Identity Protection(Valued At $199) – Get It FREE Now!

home depot sept 10

In lieu of the recent events at Home Depot, they are now offering FREE Identity Protection to customers that have made a credit card purchase anytime after April of 2014.

This service is valued at $199 but they are offering it absolutely FREE to those of you that require assistance.

Sign up for a full year of FREE protection with Equifax Premier now. Let the professionals monitor your credit to make sure it is safe.

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Ongoing Offer


home depot sept 3


Yesterday, Home Depot confirmed our worst fears.

Hackers have attacked it’s cash register systems and more than 60 million credit card information as been stolen!!!

This latest security breach could be one of the biggest to date.

If hackers can breach the security systems of businesses like Home Depot, what’s to stop them from doing it to another business.

This latest information is very un-nerving to say the least.

Click here to see latest statement from Home Depot

Please share so everyone is aware of this latest development

Message to our customers about news reports of a possible payment data breach.?

There are more than 180 stores in Canada. If you are a cardholder at Home Depot this should be of major interest to you.

A Little Background On Home Depot

This store was founded back in 1994 and there are currently over 180 stores located across Canada. The first store was located in the greater Toronto area but as continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

If you like to do odd home improvement jobs around your home or if you are a person that needs a Construction Laborer to get the job done, you can rest assured that Home Depot is the place to go. The cater to everyone from amateurs to pros. They are there with helpful advice and tips on how to get the most bang for your buck.

Did you know that they even have their own pre-screening programs in place to help you find a professional contractor? You don’t have to do all that calling around and background checks. These people have been pre-screened meaning you can trust them to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly….the right way.

Contractors can also take advantage of Home Depot’s Tool Rentals. If you need a specif tool for a job, no need to go and purchase it. Head to your nearest location and rent all the tools you need. Afterall, you may not need this specific tool again for a while.

Free Shipping

Look for items that have the “free shipping” logo on them. These are the ones that qualify for free shipping within Canada. All other products are subject to shipping charges.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Know How Centres

Watch online and instore tutorials on all the latest home improvement projects.

From painting a room to installing laminate flooring, the Home Depot is there to help.

Check out the Know-How Centre Here.

Home Depots Mobile site is also available for Android, Iphone, and Ipads.


  1. Where did you get the original breach information? The links you provide don’t work and I see nothing about this on their site.


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