Home Depot Canada Paint Rebate:

  • Buy one can and Save $10.00 on any 3.78L Select Premium Paint.
  • Buy one pail and Save $40.00 on any 18.9L of Select Premium Paint.

Valid on Behr interior paint or primer.

You may submit your Rebate online or by mail.

Click Here to Print Rebate

Mail-In Rebate expires September 5, 2018

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The Home Depot Brand Of Stores

There are over 180 stores found across Canada.

Each Store carries approximately 40k of home improvement products.

Home Depot Came to Canada in 1994

Free Shipping

Items when shopping online will have a free shipping badge on the product to show you what qualifies for free shipping in Canada, and Any other products may be subject to charges for shipping.

Deal of The Day

Make sure you check out Home Depot’s Hammer Drop.

It changes every day and can sometimes save you 50-70% off an item for 24 hours.

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