Home Hardware Recalls Home Flexible Multi-Purpose Lighter

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Home Hardware recalls Home Flexible Multi-Purpose Lighter

Health Canada conducted a sampling and evaluation program just like the one at a popular brand lighter sold at Canadian Tire.

Here are the results for testing of the Home Flexible multi-purpose lighter;

  • may exceed the allowable flame height during ignition;
  • may exhibit an abnormal, sudden increase in flame height; and
  • may continue to burn after the trigger mechanism has been released

Click here for more information on this latest lighter recall (Home Hardware lighter recall)

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home hardware recall july 21

Home Hardware recalls yet ANOTHER product on its store shelves!!

This time it’s the Classic Fan Heater.

Reason for recall – this product could become overheated, therefore posing a fire hazard!!

How to know if you own one of the affected products;

Look for a label on the bottom of the unit. If the number reads FH03 than you have one of these recalled products.

To date, there have been seven reports of the fan overheating, however, no injuries have been reported.

If the unit is still in the range of its one-year warranty phase than you can return it to your local Home Hardware dealer for a full refund. If however, it does not fall within the warranty stage, they are telling consumers to stop using it immediately and discard of it.

Click here for Home Hardware Recall

home hardware recall july 18th

Product Recall from Home Hardware stores in Canada!

Product Name – GetPower portable USB home charger AC USB adapter

Model Numbers – CWP-ACUSB-MULTI and BD-201A-BD202A

Store Item Number – 3514-036 and UPC 7-67322-19196-9.

Sold Between April 2013 to July 2014.

Reason For Recall – This product HAS NOT been tested to see if it complies with the Canadian Standards for electrical product safety.

Therefore they are doing this voluntary recall. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If something is not tested, there is no possible way to know if it is safe or not.

They have an approximate number of products sold in Canadian Tire stores across Canada. This number is 10,290!

If you or someone you know have purchased the GetPower portable USB home charger AC USB adapter from Canadian Tire between April of 2013 and July of 2014 here is what you should do;

STOP using the product immediately!

Return it to your local Home Hardware location for a credit.

Click here for more information on Home Hardware Recall for Canada

Please share with all your friends and family as well. Get this message out there and make sure they do not use this product.


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