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Here’s a Do it Yourself Kids Bubble Bath Recipe – You can create at home! I’m sure you can get your kids assisting on some of the stirring of this easy to do recipe! (I’m sure they’ll want to have a bath after these are done) It’s the list of ingredients that most of us unfortunately don’t have in our homes on a every day basis! But if your a person that loves crafting – and has thought about creating your own soaps – this is a great recipe to get things started! Also this can be a great idea for small gifts for those hard to shop for!

Add different Fragrances and colors and create your own fun bubble bath!


Homemade Bubble Bath

Enjoy the following list of supplies and directions!


Supplies needed:

In case you have a hard time finding these products – I’ve added Links to


1. Simply Pour approximately 2 cups of suspension soap base into the measuring cup.

NOTE:  If making more than one color or fragrance separate this amount into separate bowls prior to adding color

2. Add approximately  3-5 drops of food coloring (your choice of color ) into the soap base. Stir well.

3.. Add 6-7 drops of the  fragrance oil and mix well.

4. Add approximately  1/8 teaspoon of iridescent glitter to the mixture and blend well.

5. Place the soap base directly into the bath to enjoy luxurious bubbles.

NOTE: You can store any leftovers in an airtight container for future use.


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