How To Contest

How To Contest

how to enter-contests

A Guide into Contesting ~ And some little Tips to Win.

There’s are easily over 10,000 contests that you can enter into. There’s so many places now a days to enter contests at. We’ll try and cover them all.

But First ~ Lets Just Say it ~ If you don’t Enter ~ You can not WIN! 

The More contests you enter – the more chances you have of winning.

There are tons of Contesters Out there! Some are casual, part time, and some full time ones.

The Casual Contester

Consists of Entering Contests that appeal to them. He or She  will stop and enter a contest for a Big Trip or Perhaps a Giveaway with tons of prizes that are to be given away. This person will not be consistent in entering, and will often complain about “NEVER WINNING” .  Once in a while they will get lucky and win a small radio prize, or win by fluke a major prize.

The Part Time Contester

  • Consists of spending  a maximum of 1 hour a day and will enter in easy fill out forms, facebook share contests, blog contests and perhaps the odd Twitter party.  They do win, and probably make up the majority of winners across Canada.   These contester’s won’t enter in “photo” or “recipe” or harder to do contests, as it’s a numbers game of how many contests they can do in the small time they have set a side.


The Full Time Contester

This person is Serious about entering into contests and sweepstakes.  Serious Contesters will aim to win upwards from $40,000.00 per year worth of prizes, and may even win $150,000 value of prizes in a 12 month period.  They will enter every contest possible, Radio, local, provincial, CanadaWide, Nationwide, World Wide, and will spend  a full working day at simply entering contests. They also will enter into Mail Contests as well.

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