How to Cut Down on Your Smart Phone Expenses


Having a Smart Phone with a data plan costs you at least $60 .00 or if not more, but if you want to chop down this bill. Here’s some options.


Buy out your Phone contract.  Or if you have not bought a smart phone, I would suggest purchasing one outright.  Yes You can save money upfront by getting a 2 or 3 year contract and not pay for your phone upfront, but then you are stuck with expensive bills every month. So I suggest if you do have a contract, to call your provider and ask them how much it is to purchase your phone out right.

This past Christmas I bought my daughter an Iphone 4 off off Ebay for $220.00 It was refurbished, and didn’t have a scratch on it.  I set her up with Fido and her bill per month is set for $36.00 . Since I bought the phone outright, I had so much more control over the plan.  I didn’t set up a data plan for her.  This saved me another $30.00 per month.  She broke her ipod touch this past summer, and didn’t own a cell phone,  So for the price of an ipod touch and the price of the average regular cell phone bill, I managed to get everything we both wanted/needed.

Go Data Plan Free! or at least cut down on your data plan.

The data plan allows you 3g access, but if cut it back or take it off, you’ll be saving up to $30 or perhaps more per month. The only way you can get rid of your data plan is by not being in a contract.  Data plans are like having an extra internet bill per month.

Decide what you use your data plan for? Are you using to access your email for your job, or other important things? Or are you simply snooping on facebook all the time and downloading apps?

A lot of apps don’t require a data plan to run them, just to upload them, which you can do from home.

Learn to be a Wi-Fi Hog: Many stores like McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s offer free Wi-Fi, and you can still access your internet at these types of locations, and not use up your dataplan.  Also make sure you set up your home Wi-Fi to your phone, so you’re not using your dataplan in your own home.

Call your provider and see if there’s anything you can do to make your bill cheaper, such as Top 5 numbers or something similar, to help you cut down on your actual phone calls.If you find you are changing the way you use your phone, don’t be scared to call and see what they can do for you.

Some Providers such as Fido Change their plans around every three months.  So it’s a good idea to make a call at least every 6 months and review your billing with your provider.

I belong to Fido and did my call today and between 3 cellphones I am now saving $75.00 per month. That’ s $900 savings for 2013  in one phone call.  All I did was simply call and ask how I could save money on my cellphone bill.  We walked through all 3 plans. I saved $35 per month on mine, and $25.00 on my son’s and and $20 on my daughters.





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