Stealing IMages


No One OWNS An Offer

Let’s just put this out there!  No One owns a coupon, contest or free sample!  That’s right; NO ONE has to give you credit; no one has to do a link back or even give you a #hashtag for putting it up first.  I don’t care if you are an influencer, or Facebook group manager, blogger or whoever you want to be online.

Trust me –  You are not the first to be Offended, nor will you be the last!  Even we get offended once in a while, but we all get over it, It’s only business, and it is not personal.

Now Why did we send you this page?

We got offended by Theft – Which means an Image or word for word taken from our website.   Now we are offended!

OOPS so sorry

We have had previous bloggers that actually worked here steal from other blogs! Yes, it has happened even here, regardless of teaching.  But hopefully, after reading this whole blog post, you will know better and not do it again because THEFT can get you in a lot of trouble if it continues.

One of the blog posters who actually worked here for years knew better but was simply lazy and got caught stealing images.  Of course, website owners (ME) have to beg for forgiveness and beg mercy.  ( more on the law in a bit) She Quit Blogging for us because she couldn’t get along with other bloggers and then thought she was above the Internet Law, and she began stealing images and word for word, from here, I sent an email, waited for No return or response, She didn’t delete any of the stolen images nor did she reword any of the blog posts.

And this can happen to the blog you work for (or volunteer)

To make a Complaint online and DESTROY!

You need proof you have attempted to contact the domain—screenshot of the email and sent time and in 24 hours the following can then be completed.

Complaint to Domain Hosting

Using the wHOis, you can find the host of the blog you have a complaint about

The Domain Hosting Will Take DOWN the posts you can prove are copied.

It is then up to the hosting company to keep you as a client; It will vary per host;

I don’t know how many strikes you get; it could be 1 or maybe 3 or perhaps 5.

But you could end up waking up one morning with NO website, no backup, no nothing.

Complaint to Advertisers

Yes, you can complain about stolen Images and blog posts to Adsense, etc., and they may kick the person out of the program completely especially repeat offenders.

Punishment could be No more Ads,

Complaint to Search Engines

You can Get Unlisted and Black Listed from Search Engines such as Google. You can post all you want, but no audience means no Website Traffic.

Complaint to Facebook/Instagram

You will get notified of a copyright infringement, and a note is put on your file for up to a YEAR! Yes, a YEAR,  It’s per group per page; it’s not per Influencer. It’s a NOTE that is put on that account.

I’m sure it’s the same for Instagram.


Again I can’t stress the importance of the account thing.

For example, you just started blogging or doing social media for some blog, and let us say you get caught stealing images or words.

It’s only a SINGLE  ” STRIKE.

It might not be, or maybe your the first, and let us say your blog hires or finds another volunteer, and they do it once and get caught. Now that domain/group/Influencer has TWO strikes,  Do you understand? 


  • Be upfront, with a ZERO Tolerance.
  • Oversee them – and spot-check their work.
  • Consider paying for Image software for them – so you can have a unique look and train them to copy that look.
  • Give them a raise if they learn how to create great unique images (Install good habits)
  • Create a Private youtube video on how you want them to get the images or HOW Not to get the images.

Some Online Photo Editors FREE TO USE:

There are tons of them out there and more coming online all the time.

Also Screen Shot Software – is another great tool all bloggers should acquire.  This way when the RIGHT MOUSE button doesn’t work or gives a WESP file, you can screenshot it ( the ACTUAL offer)  and not have to resort to stealing another blog’s image to acquire a look-alike of the promotion.

ALL our IMages take 2 MINUTES to CREATE, and another 2 minutes for each social media account. Do the work yourself.  

I know its tempting because stealing only takes 10 seconds, but like real life = theft equals jail time, 

  • Work for a Steve Madden boots = 2 days pay
  • Stealing Steve Madden boots = 10 minutes

Work for your MONEY! Don’t STEAL

FORMS/ Giveaway/Group  Platforms

Visitor uploads stolen images to your platform,

Sorry, the same rules apply.  You will need to check each image you allow through your Gate/ Facebook Group etc.


They will offend again!  They try and be more subtle about it.  I couldn’t find an image; I didn’t think that one was theirs; I didn’t take the FACEBOOK image, I took the post image because it looked like the offer,  I’ve heard them all from the famous blogger mentioned above.  The longer she stayed, the more of this happened. I think I probably got 2 warnings a year from Facebook or nasty email.  If they get caught, generally they had stolen before and got away with it, RARELY you will catch someone stealing their first time. No one has time to babysit every competitor or influencer online, and by the time the site catches you, that blogger already has BAD habits and will do whatever it takes to shorten the time spent working for YOU.

The Famous blogger That was a grand thief, I’m proud to say, she has finally learned NOT to that, but It took her having her own domain and getting her POSTS removed and warning from the Hosting Company, in order for her to Learn NOT to take shortcuts

All our Images are cropped perfectly to FIT our WEBSITE! = NOT YOURS.  So yes, we may not say anything on some of them because it might not be obvious, but we may sneak in a tiny watermark that can only be SEEN when you blow up the picture, especially if we have already talked to you.  Because then you will be on the RADAR for another “MISHAP.”

It’s your space & your Reputation.

As I said before, It’s your account, and every strike again your account, Hurts you as the bottom line, whether that’s getting booted off Facebook, losing your AdSense, or having your entire domain disappear in the morning all can happen over THEFT.

If we ( or another similar site) have caught you and email you, That’s a Number 1; It happens again from someone else on your team or the same lazy blogger that did the stealing the first time;  It’s a STRIKE NUMBER 2; it’s up to you to PREVENT IT.  You own the business.

No Right Click Plugin

Seriously, Yes, everyone could put this on their blog to prevent your lazy-ass blogger from Stealing.  But if you leave the house and leave the back door unlocked, It only keeps an innocent thief out. No one should be forced to do this, and that’s why there are Copyright laws in place. NO Right Click creates a very slow blog, and you will have fewer visitors.

Watermark Images

We do this occasionally but try to stay clear of wasting time adding it. Because Lazy ass bloggers just cut the watermarks off the picture, or the photo looks ugly after watermarking in the center of the image There’s never any winning when it comes to theft.


I usually try to be nice on my VERY first Attempt, if I have to dig to find your contact information and go all over social media to find someone to complain to, Yes I’m less than pleasant because I’ve waited a week for you to check your email because at that point I think you are a SCRAPPER type website and I have ZERO patience for those type of website owners.  But at the end of the day, There’s NO WAY of saying “Excuse me, You just stole something”,  It’s usually a Law drafted an email with taking it down or else the following will proceed, which isn’t any MORE polite than to say ” DUDE stop stealing” And I tend to have a lot less patience if your BLOG has several people posting – because YOUR a BUSINESS, and you should know better.

Be GRATEFUL The blog in question reached out to you first, because they didn’t have to.