How to Stack Coupons at London Drugs




This Article is to teach you how to stack coupons at London Drugs.

How to Stack Coupons for London Drugs

Coupon stacking is a popular way to save money by combining multiple coupons for the same item. However, it is important to know the store guidelines for stacking because not everything will be accepted. London Drugs has specific rules for coupon stacking.

Read the Coupon Guidelines First 

In addition to checking the expiration date and item type, it is important to pay attention to the following guidelines written on the coupons.

If a coupon has one of the following statements or similar wording, then it cannot be combined:

1. One coupon per purchase.

2. Coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons.

3. Limit of one coupon per purchase and cannot be combined with other offers.


You will not be able to stack these types of coupons at London Drugs.

Pay Attention to the Coupon Value

London Drugs will not allow customers to earn on their coupons. This means the total number of stacked coupons cannot exceed the value of the item that is being bought.


You have three different coupons for an item that costs $3. Two of the coupons are worth $1.00 and the last one is worth $2.00. London Drugs will process the last coupon as only worth $1 because your total cannot go over $3.00


Stacking the Actual Coupons

London Drugs will allow you to stack several, different coupons for the same item as long as they are redeemable in Canada. (You cannot use coupons from the United States.) This means manufacturers’ coupons, London Drugs coupons and Internet coupons can be combined. However, you cannot use identical coupons to stack because the barcodes must be different.


You have three coupons for cereal that are identical and have the same barcode. You cannot use all of them on one box of cereal. London Drugs will only let you use one coupon.


Example 2:

 You have two different coupons for pizza. Their barcodes are completely different. You can use both of these coupons on one pizza.


Make Sure the Coupons are Clear

London Drugs can reject coupons if they are blurry or hard to read. This tends to be a problem for Internet coupons printed at home. You should make sure your coupons are clear and easy to read before stacking.


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