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Natural Menopause Relief

Get natural menopause symptoms relief with I-Cool products.

Symptoms of menopause include night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, and more. I-Cool can help relieve many of these symptoms quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, naturally.

Studies have shown that women see a significant increase in their hot flash relief by using this product. Up to 85% of the participants reported a significant change in as little as just one week.

There are two varieties available, one with Vitamin D and one without. Vitamin D is said to aid in keeping your bones healthy. A huge issue for many ageing women out there.

Pros of I Cool

Ingredients are listed for all to see. Customers have left true testimonials so you can see for yourself what this product will do for you.

This product is non-allergenic and affordable.

The fact that it is affordable is also a definite asset.

Weight Gain

I-Cool has been proven to help stop weight gain. One of the factors that many menopausal women dislike about it. Help maintain your weight and get rid of those awful symptoms naturally.