Ikea Launches Refugee Employment Program


Ikea just announced a Refugee Employment Program across Canada.

This program will help in the hiring of 250 refugees over the next three years. Refugees will develop new skills that will help them integrate into local communities.

Eighteen local agencies will help Ikea reach these people that are searching for employment. Support will be provided, as well.

Here is what it reads on Ikea’s webpage;

“Our commitment to refugees is completely aligned with IKEA’s vision to create a better everyday life for the many people,” said Brendan Seale, Head of Sustainability, IKEA Canada. “Providing these opportunities will support people in vulnerable and difficult situations, and will also benefit our co-workers and customers.”

This program that was just announced will build on the pilot program that was published back in June of 2018.







Ikea Canada News – Bring Back Used Furniture And Get Store Credit!!

Consumers have mixed emotions about this new move by Ikea Canada to get them to bring back their gently used furniture and obtain a store credit when it sells.

Ikea Canada has started this program with hopes of reducing waste. There are so many items thrown in landfills daily, and this is just one way of reducing our garbage.

It’s Titled The Sell Back Program

The Sell Back Program is free and easy to join. Members apply to sell their used items for in-store credit. Ikea will determine the worth of your product and give you an offer.

The product that it purchased from you will be put in a used-merchandise section and will be sold as-is. Meaning if you buy it, there are no refunds.

Eligible items include tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, sure dressers, and more.

Items that the Sell Back Program will not take include products that have been used in food preparation, bedding, or any item that contains glass.

If you would like to save money on your next piece of gently used furniture or are looking to get rid of some old items you may have yourself, this program is worth checking out.

The only downfall is that you have to bring the furniture pieces to their store yourself; they do not offer a pick-up service. This may be fine for some, while others look at it as a hassle.

I think that it’s worth the little extra effort to reduce our waste as well as put a little money back in our pockets.

What do you think about Ikea’s Sell Back Program?

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