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Get a FREE Subscription to Ingredients Magazine by Saputo now. Fill out the simple online form, and your free subscription will be on its way. This magazine will be delivered right about four times a year. It is always filled with delicious recipes and tons of money-saving coupons for Saputo products, most of which are for milk and cheese products.

If you are like me and tired of the same meals a day in and day out, week in and week out, and paying full price for food, then this is the perfect solution. Find something new and exciting today.

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Saputo Products

Cheese Brands

  • Alexis De Port Neuf ~ Fine and Specialty Cheeses
  • Armstrong Cheese ~ Cheddar, Colby & Monterey Jack
  • Bari Brand ~ Italian Style Cheeses
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Du Village 1860 ~ Fine & Specialty Cheeses
  • Kingsey ~ Cheddar Cheese & Various Graded Cheeses
  • Saputo ~ Italian & Mediterranean Style Cheeses
  • Stella ~ Italian Style Cheeses

Daily Products Brands

  • Baxter ~ Milk, Butter, Yogurt, Cream & Cottage Cheese
  • Dairyland ~ Milk, Organic Milk, Coffee Creamer, Butter, Yogurt, Cream & Cottage Cheese
  • Lait’s Go ~ Flavoured Milk
  • Milk 2 Go ~ Flavoured Milk
  • Neilson ~ Milk, Organic Milk, Coffee Creamer, Butter, Yogurt, Cream & Cottage Cheese
  • Nutrilait ~ Milk, Flavoured Milk, Cream & Butter
  • Pacific Evaporated Milk ~ Powdered Milk
  • Saputo ~ Butter

Bakery Brand Products

  • Vachon
  • Rondeau
  • Hostess
  • May West
  • Jos Louis
  • Ah Caramel
  • Original
  • Big Daddy
  • Authentic
  • Igor
  • Hop & Go




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