Insite why We have High Retail costs with High Canadian Dollar.

With Such a Strong Canadian Dollar, and many of local merchants buy from the USA for their products, and they are getting a good deal, Why aren’t some of them passing on the savings to the Canadians?

In my latest email from Canoe He goes to explain some of the possibilities that We are facing as Canadian Merchants in todays world.

Canoe money

“They should be matching the prices right across the board on everything to be competitive or else we won’t be changing our shopping habits to Canada,”

“So the large retailers should pass on the savings from the higher Canadian dollar and, in fact, we have seen some changes in the prices from giants like Zellers and Wal-Mart, to an extent.”

A spokesman for Best Buy and Future Shop, which sell home electronics and entertainment goods like DVDs, said Canadian customers have been benefiting for some time from the higher dollar at those stores.


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