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New logo Mail-in Rebate for Canada.

  • Buy 3 Iogo Nano’s and get $5.00 off Art Supplies.

How to do it!

  1. Purchase 3 Nano’s on one transaction at a local store between December 27, 2017 – February 26, 2018.
  2. Please take a picture and upload it to the website
  3. and wait for the $5.00 digital Coupon for art supplies at ( Indigo, Chapters, Coles)

Register Today at Nano

Offer ends March 5, 2018

Mail Rebate Expired? 

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Iogo Products:

Check out the latest Iogo Yogurt products 

  • Creamy
  • 0%
  • Probio Immuni-T
  • Greek
  • Proteine
  • Smoothie
  • iÖGO Drinkable
  • nanö

What’s your favourite Iogo Product!

I have to say Creamy and Greek for myself! But that’s my thing!  I don’t eat lots of yogurts; it’s not that I hate it – I don’t tend it want to eat it a whole bunch – Not sure why – I guess I do use it in my protein shake smoothies to thicken it up!