Italpasta Pizza Sauce $1.39

Italpasta Pizza Sauce Sale

Right now at Amazon Canada, you can purchase Italpasta Pizza sauce in 213ml for just $1.39!

This is an Add-on Price” ( So a minimum of $25 must be spent)

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ItalPasta History!

Mr. Joseph Vitale’s founded Italpasta back in 1989 – Actually a pretty young pasta company – But it Pasta manufacturer right here in Canada.

They currently employ over 200 people located in Brampton, Ontario,

Italpasta also produces high-quality pasta for around the world.

They proudly use specialized durum wheat millers – and are very fussy on the grade of wheat.

Italpasta also has expanded into sauces, olive oil, etc.

What is durum semolina?

Durum semolina is the main product of durum milling. It is more course than traditional flour   Canada is the global supplier of high-quality amber durum wheat, which is a great flour to make pasta.



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