Kellogg’s Cereal Rice Krispies for $2.88 at Amazon Canada

Kellogg’s  Deal for Canada

Right now you can get Kellogg’s Cereal for as little as $2.88 at Amazon Canada – Different Cereal for different prices up to $3.99

This is an “ADD ON ITEM” so you’ll have to find some other items to order.


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Deal Expired

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Kellogg’s Cereal Canada

Kelloggs Cereal is usually $3.99 per box on sale and $4.99 without.  very rarely will you find it for less on sale?

Kelloggs has much variety of cereal including Special K  and other great cereal such as Cornflakes and more different brands under their umbrella.

You can find this cereal in most of your local grocery stores Including Walmart and other stores that sell groceries like select Shoppers Drug Mart.

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