Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon: Save 20% off

Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon: Save 20% off


Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon for Canada.

Print and redeem this coupon at your nearest Kitchen Stuff Plus location and save:

  • Get a coupon for 20% off any item in store when you sign up for their Newsletter! 

One coupon per customer per day.

In-Store ONLY.

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Kitchen Stuff Plus Brand

Find housewares, bakeware, kitchen gadgets and much  more here.

Appliances and home decor are some of the popular go-to items when people walk through these doors. There is always some kind of great deal going down here

What’s New?

What’s new at KSP you might ask?

Well, there are a wide variety of new items that are arriving in stock as we speak. The online inventory is much bigger however. Browse literally thousands of home improvement products and kitchen essentials.

Check out the Under the Cabinet Glass Wine Rack for just $7.99. Most stores sell this item for at least $12.00.

The Circo 3-Tier Serving Platter, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Free Standing Wine Racks, Towel Holders, and Baskets are all fairly new arrivals as well.

For more information on these and many of the other great products you will find here, be sure to check out the “new items” section on their webpage.

One Day Kitchen Stuff Plus  Deals

One thing I highly suggest you do if you are interested in shopping at Kitchen Stuff Plus would be to sign up for their newsletter/email offers. When you sign up you will gain access to many One Day Web Deals. These are fantastic. One day offers that will save you a bunch of cash on your next visit. Keep in mind that they are time limited so you have to hurry and grab them.

Kitchen Stuff Plus Warehouse Sale

The Kitchen Stuff Plus Warehouse Sale is an event that you do not want to miss. It seems each year the deals and offers get bigger and better.

Right now at this very moment the latest Warehouse Sale at Kitchen Stuff Plus is offering the following deals;

  • Up to 90% off Stemware, Glass Canisters, Gadgets Furniture, Appliances, and much more!!

If you are living near the Wendell Avenue Kitchen Stuff Plus Warehouse, be sure to check out this sale today.


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