Where to Buy Kitchenaid Attachments In Canada


Uses for kitchenaid mixer attachments

I had no idea of how many extra potential attachments I could get with my Kitchenaid! Wow! The whole idea of getting rid of some of the additional kitchen appliances off my countertop is an entire dream to me!

Where to Buy Kitchen Aid Attachments in Canada?

The following Stores carry attachments for your average KitchenAid Mixer: Canadian Tire, Walmart, Bed Bath Beyond, and of course, Amazon Canada.



Pizza Dough Anyone?

We always use the Bread Hook to make pizza dough! It works so well! It does all the work for you! Give it a try – Pizza dough is one of the easiest bread to make – Check out this recipe for one.


Mill your flour?

If your a serious bread maker or rice maker – You can get a Grill Mill for your KitchenAid Mixer!


Fresh Pasta?

I always make Egg Noodles with my Homemade Turkey Soup! The Pasta attachment is on my wish list this year. I usually roll it out and cut it out with a pizza cutter. ( I know, right!?!) I could save myself tons of time with a pasta attachment – and the beautiful thing about it is you get three sizes of pasta thickness to make your spaghetti or linguini.


Veggie Pasta?

For those of you that are on a Gluten-Free Diet or sensitivity and want to make a healthier pasta all the time They also have a Veggie Spiralizer – 

It has five blades and can spiralizer plus with peel, core, and slice.


The Veggie Prepper!

You can get a Slicer and a Shredder all in One! Great for Salad prep, and shred your cheese when you buy the blocks of cheese on sale! I’m the most excited for this one to enter my house – so I can get rid of my food processor that takes up a considerable amount of space on my countertop!



Hunt or Farm Your Meat?

There are a few options for this attachment, but after reading the reviews – This meat grinder is better quality than the plastic one that is available.

Great if you butcher your meat – or for the Hunter in your household.


Do You Scream for Ice Cream?

Is Ice Cream Your Thing? You can now easily make it right from your Kitchen Aid appliance! You can make it if you desire as an attachment. If I weren’t Lactose Intolerant so much, I would be all over this!

You can also search for Kitchenade Mail in Rebates to save even more money!




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