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How to Use Coupon Codes on Kobo Canada


You need to have an account at Kobo before Checking Out.

Fill shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Login or Register

At Checkout: You will find a term Redeem any gift cards or promo codes with a check mark (See photo above)

Click on the arrow and a drop down will appear for you to enter the coupon code

When validated, you’ll be able to proceed with your BUY it now.


E Readers E-Readers at Kobo

There are 4 different readers available at Kobo.

Choose from the following at regular price.

Kobo Mini Reader $79.99  is the smallest and lightest featured in the world

    .  Perfect for reading on the go, with built in Wbuilt-in

  • o Touch $99.99  – Touch, Tap, Read, Flip pages on a screen
  • Koboglo  $129.99 – Lets you get closer to your reader also  has an LED lights that illuminate the screen with a soft glow allowing you to read in the dark.
  • Kobo Arc $199.99  – Keeps all of your content on the surface  (all on the home screen)  It’s smart this device will help you discover based on what you’ve previously bought or read, so you can discover new things.  Battery is 10 days worth of reading, or two weeks on standby.

Kobo, headquartered in Canada, has been a key competitor in the world of readers since they were founded in 2009. A Japanese company, they are also known for making applications for several devices. They currently offer e-books, e-book readers and various reading apps to consumers all over the Planet. This company exploded during the Christmas season of 2011 and has not looked back since.


Kobo is particularly popular in Canada. It appears that the company has a stronghold on this industry and will continue to grow and innovate in the years to come.


Another fantastic part of Kobo is something called Kobo Writing Life. This allows aspiring writers and authors to self publish their books, manuscripts and creative works. By self-publishing these items, they do not have to pay many of the fees associated with authorship in traditional publishing. This is not a new concept, but it is certainly one that has not been fully explored. Over time, self-publishing may explode into a powerful platform for writers of all levels.


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