L.O.L. dolls Canada – Find out where they are on Sale!


L.O.L.  dolls Canada Surprise! Bigger Surprise:

This is the giant LOL Bigger Surprise capsule! There are over 60 surprises inside!! Each layer has many surprises including big sister dolls, a baby sister and surprise pets!

The L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise Toy is predicted to be one of the Hottest toys of 2018 Christmas season! And we currently found Indigo Chapters currently has this hot little set on sale

Right Now you can Purchase the Newest L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise: for just $119.99 at Chapters.

Click Here to Shop Indigo/Chapters

Free Shipping on orders over $25.00

Tip Walmart.ca has the Same set on for $129.99

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Watch the Unboxing of LOL Dolls Surprise Bigger Suprise Toy

Upon Reading Many Reviews:

Be aware that Quality may be a disappointment to some parents – It’s a lot of money to dish out for plastic toys. And one mom wrote that she purchased 3 Surprise toys and they were all identical – so as a Mom she was disappointed because then all the girls had the same identical toy – no various toys or accessories between them.

But sometimes it’s all about what the kid thinks, and as long as they are happy for a few minutes it’s worth every penny at the end of the day!

So before investing money into this toy – I really suggest you read many reviews and decide if this is the gift you really would like to invest your hard money into.


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