, FREE Lakota Guide to Natural Pain Relief


Hurry and request your FREE Lakota Guide to Natural Pain Relief (HARDCOVER)

The first 250 people to respond will receive this book absolutely free of charge. This product is regularly priced at $25!!!

Send an email to info@lakotaherbs.com with your name, address, phone number using this exact subject line: “November Newsletter Book Offer.”  They will even send a second copy of the book, if you request it, for you to give to your friend. And the second one is no charge as well.

Request your FREE Lakota Guide To Natural Pain Relief NOW!! This is a Hard Cover Copy!!

Why are they just giving away a book that normally costs $25 you ask? Well, I asked myself the same thing. Here is what Lakota said about that;

“Why are we giving away a full-colour, hardcover book? We want to help as many people as we can to relieve their pain using natural techniques. And also, we do hope that someday, when you are looking at buying natural pain relief supplements or roll-on pain relievers, you will consider Lakota natural pain relievers. That’s all.”

Topics you will find in this FREE LAKOTA BOOK include;

  • The Lakota Story: from small beginnings to number one pain reliever
  • Arthritis Pain Options
  • Back Pain Remedies
  • Dealing with Muscle Pain
  • Pain Related to Diabetes
  • How Pain Impacts Sleep
  • Recipes for Pain Relief
  • Home Remedies for Pain Relief
  • Lakota Product Guide