Lancome Canada Product Review


I got an opportunity to try the new Lancome Grandiose Mascara from Influencer!

To be honest – I really didn’t think it would knock my socks off. I’ve been a hard core Smashbox – Hyperlash girl for about the last 5 years.

Oh My goodness! I think I found something I love better now!


The First thing I noticed was the wand is very different than any other mascara brush out there!

And I have never seen a mascara with a set of instructions and pictures before.

The brush is funky – yet when you look at the instructions and pictures, the brush wand makes functional sense.

It’s perfect to use and to make sure you get each lash!


I looked up online what the product sells for and it’s $35.00

I am used to paying $27.00 for my smashbox so this isn’t much more.


I gave it a test run – I was immediately impressed!

I have shorter  eyelashes – I was not blessed with longer eyelashes ( My older siblings got the gene for it)  So I aim to lengthen them or at least add volume with little to no clumping ! This is what I look for in a mascara – I found the only thing that worked till today was Smashbox Hyperlash.

But today is the day I fell head over heels for a new mascara! I really didn’t think this day would happen!

I didn’t at all fumble with the brush – I zipped around inner and outer lashes like it was nobody’s business.

What I found out!

  • It Lengthened quite a bit
  • No Clumps
  • No need to curl my lashes to get the lengthened look
  • One single coat is all was needed.

I loved that the  brush did wonders on the corner and lower lashes – where I have the worst problems with most mascara’s including my beloved smashbox hyperlash! 

Nor did I have to put on two – three coats to get the desired look with this product!

I’m not a Makeup girly girl – I usually just wear light makeup and even au natural quite often! This is perfect as when you put on this mascara – you don’t need to wear a whole lot of eye makeup to go with this on a every day office look. Or you can dress up the mascara with all the fancy eyeliner and eyeshadow you want .

I wore the mascara for 11 hours ! – No flaking and didn’t rub off – I’m sure I’ve rubbed my eyes at least once, and I don’t have smudged mascara anywhere on my eyelids.

Taking off the mascara was easy breezy – no eyelashes were lost in the process which is a bonus!

 Lancome  Grandiose Mascara just won a dedicated smashbox girl mascara over! I will definitely be purchasing this product again!

I’m not the only girl that fell in love with this product – I looked up Lancome’s website to see the price of the product – and noticed many positive reviews of this product.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.




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