, Larabar Deal: Get bars for $0.75 each

, Larabar Deal: Get bars for $0.75 eachNew Larabar Bar Deal!

If you’re a huge lover of the Larabar: This is a total score for you! Get a total of 16 bars for just $ 16.00.

Great for those that are Gluten Free or Vegan. Only made with pure natural ingredients with no sugar added.

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History of Larabar

Lärabar was created by Lara Merriken, looking to make a “healthy product that tasted delicious.” The inspiration for a snack occurred during a  hiking trip she was on, and she wanted to create a bar with only nuts, fruit, and pure spices.

The Bars were then introduced in the year 2003 in the USA and began selling internationally in 2004

In 2008, General Mills acquired Lärabars, Humm Foods.