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Chocolate Spread – Think Laura Secord Coupon!

It’s not often we get savings for any spread to let alone chocolate spread! Nutella Move Over – There is a new girl on the block with Chocolate!

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Laura Secord Prices in Canada

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Real Canadian Superstore

Laura Secord Spread Milk Chocolate Flavour 600 g $5.48ea


What Stores sells Laura Secord Spread?

Walmart Canada did but is currently not listed on the Grocery section online. But Since Laura Secord is a popular chocolate bar, You may get lucky at Giant Tiger, Loblaws stores as well.

More Coupons?

If you shop online at Canadian Online Laura Secord – You can save 10% off by signing up for their newsletter, Plus get Free shipping when you spend $75 or more.

Stores in Canada

Laura Secord Stores – In some Cities across Canada, you can actually find this store in select large cities. But if you are not that lucky, you can actually Shop Online. Don’t worry; they have a head office in Ontario!

If you want to purchase Laura Secord’s in bulk for a special event, they offer discounts on the purchase of $250.00 or more.  Chocolates make a wonderful Corporate gift for Christmas or Special Award Presentations.

About Laura Secord

Believe it or not, a man named Laura Secord was started by the name of Frank O’Connor, who opened up a small candy store in Toronto, Ontario, in 1913, and he named his store after his daughter.

The Laura Secord store became a success and, in the 1930s, expanded across the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.  A large open was centralized in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and pharmacies started carrying some of the Laura Secord products.

Fast Forward to Today – and there are now over 100 stores across Canada.  It’s now known as the best and largest Canadian Chocolatier.  They continue to sell their products across Canada and can be found in some Canadian retailers, Plus they also sell products to the USA and can be found online.