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Online Free Guitar Lessons

If you own a guitar and have some free time to tinker with learning or improving your guitar playing skills – Now is Your Chance!

FenderPlay is continuing to give everyone a three month FREE Trial on learning how to play the following guitar instruments

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass
  • Ukelele
  • Electric Guitar

No Credit Card Required! Sign up for FREE 

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How to sign up for free sign

 How to Sign up with Fender Play (Free)

  1. Sign up with Fender Play, either using your email or your Facebook account.
  2. Then there will be an extended code displayed at the top of your page and emailed to you.
  3. When you “log in,” it will ask you for a Gift Card Code – This is where you will enter the code at the top of your page and as well as your “postal code.”

That’s It.

Then choose your instrument of choice.

Then Choose the Style of Play you would love to learn.

  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Blues

How to Learn to Play Guitar

How to learn to Play Guitar Online

Fender Play suggests you play at least 7 minutes 3 days a week.  They will help keep track of you.

Practice 3 days in one week
Practice for at least 7 minutes each time
We’ll track your time.
Any lesson counts

There are 5 Skill Levels – each containing a minimum of 16 or so videos and articles ranging from Trouble Shooting to Strumming.

Also, there are lots of Songs per Skill Level to practice along with!

Guitar to Learn Electric or Acoustic?

Often beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar struggle to learn on an acoustic or the rock n roll electric guitar.   But the answer is, “it doesn’t matter, and it depends on your learning style and ability.

Some say Acoustic guitars are better to learn because it’s harder to press down on the strings, and there is no amp to cover up your mistakes or skipping a cord. People will argue that moving from acoustic to electric guitar is more comfortable than the reverse.

But many successful musicians learned first on the electric guitar and became terrific musicians, it comes to down learning how to play as a labour of love, and you should use what connects to you and the music you want to play.