Learn the Ropes to Extreme Couponing in Canada: FREE EBOOK

This EBook provides anyone wanting to learn the art of couponing and save up to anywhere from 35 – 70% off your grocery bill by using coupons. You will be an Expert in Extreme Couponing: 

What : Learn the Ropes to Extreme Couponing in Canada will teach the following:

  • History of Coupons
  • What is a Coupon
  • What to look for in a Coupon
  • Where to find Coupons in Canada
  • Understanding Coupon Lingo
  • Flyer Coupon Matchups
  • Price Matching at other stores
  • How to Get Multiple coupons
  • Organizing Your Coupons
  • Knowing Your Prices
  • How to Stockpile
  • Store Process with Coupons
  • Coupon Issues
  • Debunking Coupon Matchups
  • Coupon Etiquette.
  • coupon codes for online shopping

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  1. I signed up a while ago but I do not recall seeing the offer for this Ebook. Is there any way that you could resend it please? Thank you!

    p.s. I really appreciate your Newsletters, coupons and deals!


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