Canadian Free Stuff Under SCAM ATTACK!

Canadian Free Stuff Under SCAM ATTACK!

jonh-foster_scamTRENDING SCAM FROM USA or other Countries

If anyone contacts you via a facebook profile that says they work for and you have won Large Sums of Money,  a car or an 82″ Samsung TV  – THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!

I am not sure how many people John Foster has sent a Facebook message to today, but my email box is flooded with upset people.


“I just received a request from a person who’s information states that he works for this company. He states that out of 500,000 entries in the Canadian Free Stuff giveaway “you were, randomly chosen as the lucky winner of this month, congratulations to you!!!!!”. He further goes on to explain “You were randomly selected as this month place winner of 1.3 million dollars a congratulations to you once more!!!!!!”

Some Names being used are:

  • John Williams
  • John Brent
  • John Foster
  • Andrew James Sinclair
  • Bredan Rodgers
  • Bob Miller
  • George Green
  • Martha Martinez
  • Leroy Travis

CFS has absolutely no control of spammers out there and they can pretend to be whomever from whatever company to try and get $250 dollars for shipping out of you.

1. Never give out your credit card for shipping and handling – CFS doesn’t promote Freebies that require S&H   If a Free Sample changes to a S&H please let us know and we’ll remove it

2. If it’s too good to be true – Chances are it’s a scam! staff is built from Moms – If any of us had a million dollars I don’t think we’d be online for 8 hours per day – looking for deals!   There is currently 3 staff members including the owner – sometimes we have 4 people.

3. Yes we promote other companies contests! We know you want to win a fabulous trip or backyard makeover and it’s what you guys want to see via social media – so we give you what you want!   You need to contact the brand of the company to find out the winners of these contests.

4. CFS Contests that we actually “PICK WINNERS” and deliver prizes: Here’s our contests we have done in the past! – We list the winner and your more than welcome to email and confirm with us – we can send you a screen shot of us sending out the prize!

5. Most contests for big ticket items usually require you to fill out a contest entry form and provide your name, email address and phone number at time of entry. If you have won a prize over $1,000 they typically contact you via the phone number you provided and will follow up with an email with a declaration form to claim your prize. If you are contacted and not sure if it is legitamite, get the persons name and phone number and ask if you can call them back. Then do a bit of research. Check the website for the contest they say you won. The official contest rules usually say when they will be contacting the winner. Call the company or send a Facebook message to the company to see if this person works there.

The contests we list, are legitimate contests and we have had many of our fans tell us that they have won trips, tv’s and even $20,000. However it is the contest sponsor that will contact you, not Canadian Free Stuff.



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  1. Hi there this person just contacted me n told me I won:10,000 dollars n 5.000 dollar bonus n 250$ Walmart card..his name is andrew James Sinclair.. please does he work for you??? Had me excited.., then his messsages are gone

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