Pricing laundry detergent to find the Best Deal

I’m using regular prices at Wal-Mart to figure out per load on Liquid Laundry Soap by Popular Brand name. Some of the prices may surprise you. But if you’re looking to save a few dollars and are NOT a Huge Coupon person, you may want to think about being Less Brand Loyal at times.


  • Gain HE Laundry Detergent Island Fresh 64 use $10.97 = 17 cents per load
  • Gain Laundry Detergent Apple Mango Tango 72 use $13.97  = 19 cents per load
  • Gain – Original, 96 uses $15.97  17 cents per load
  • Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent – Apple Mango Tango 105 Loads  $10.97 = 10 cents
  • Gain Ultra 120 use 10.97 = 9 cents per load
So, according to my research on, You can shop Gain Detergent for the rule of thumb of 10 cents per load when you buy large bottles. ( And without a Coupon)  If you are stumped, look at the Usage number of washes – and multiply by 10. So if it’s 90 loads, then to try to pay 10 cents per load would be $9.00
  • Tide Original 32 use $8.97 = 28 cents per load
  • Tide Liquid 2X Cold Water Mountain Spring 52 use $6.77 = 13 cents
  • Tide Original 64 use $15.95 = 25 cents per load
  • Tide Liquid 2X HE Original 64 use $15.95 = 25 cents per load
  • Tide Liquid 2X Cold Water Fresh Scent 78 use $21.78 = 28 cents per load
  • Tide Liquid 2X Free 96 use $21.78 =  23 cents per load
Wow, is Tide Ever Expensive when NOT on sale!!!  You’ll be hard-pressed to find Tide under 20 cents per load if NOT on sale.   I used to be a Tide Only girl, but I’ve been changing my ways lately and am now  “Less Brand ” orientated. But am baffled by their pricing being all over the board. I did find Tide at 13 cents per load, with Cold Water 2X, but the rest of the pricing is over 20 cents peruse.
  • Purex 2X Ultra Concentrate After the Rain, 1.47L / 32 loads $2.99 = 9 cents per load
  • Purex 2X Ultra Concentrate Coldwater, 1.89L / 40 loads $5.93 = 15 cents per load
  • Purex 2X Ultra Concentrate Coldwater, 2.95L / 64 loads $8.93 = 14 cents per load
This is the brand I’m currently using.  I am on a Huge Jug that I bought at Costco for 8 cents per load.  I find Purex laundry soap, and you can easily find it for 8 cents per load or even less, depending on the sale price.
  • ARM & HAMMER® Clean Fresh Scent 4.43 L $9.97 – No-load amounts but guessing it would be 74 = 13 cents per load
  • ARM & HAMMER® Clean Fresh Scent 3.12 L $6.97 Guessing 60 loads = 12 cents
Walmart only had these two sizes online, so It was hard to compare with not having a usage, but I know on the “actual bottle they do.”  But I do believe they are currently in the running for one of the cheaper “top brand names.”


Conclusion: Based on the Variable of 64 loads per bottle, The Cheapest is……………

  • Depending on the usage of 3.12 L of Arm & Hammer is 12 cents
  • The next Cheapest price is Purex at 14 cents per load
  • Then Gain at 17 cents per load
  • Then Tide at 25 cents per load.

Of Course, other brands are not listed, such as Cheers and separate laundry soap brands, but I just calculated what I could find within prices and the detergent brands they carried with prices.

The laundry soap goal is to buy it when you can get it for 10 cents per load or less.

As you can see by “Regular” prices ( Not on sale), It wouldn’t take too much for the lesser three brands to be 10 cents or under.

You can get lucky with Tide once in a While. I did back in August at Wal-Mart Anniversary sale,  and once  I found it on Clearance at Shoppers, it can be done ( Should mention I don’t have tons of stores to shop from)…

Or Learn How to Make your own Handmade Laundry Soap.