London Drugs Coupon Code – Get $20 off wus $100 Skincare & Cosmetics

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New London Drugs online Coupon Code.
  • Get $20 off wus $100 on Luxury Skincare & Cosmetics

Use promo code LUXURYMAR17 at checkout.

Discount is also available with In-Store Coupon.

Shop London Drugs online here

Coupon expires March 26, 2017

London Drugs Coupon Policy

The Following coupons will be accepted:

  • Manufacturer coupons
  • London Drug coupons
  • Printable – with bar code.  Only 1 Will be accepted maximum value of $3.00 – If higher management must approve.
  • Online Coupons – webserver,, go coupons

Will Accept More than one coupon per product if the barcode is different and if there is no wording that limits the use of using more than one coupon.  ( SC Johnson, and Brandsaver  coupons will have this on them) The user will pay tax on the full item before the coupon is discounted.

Stacking Coupons at London Drugs.

Yes, you can stack coupons at London drugs as long as the coupon does not state the following: Limit of One Coupon per purchase.  Use of more than 1 manufacturer coupon per product is prohibited. But you can still use the coupon, Just not stack more than one coupon per item.  ( Most P&G Brandsaver coupons state Limit of one coupon per purchase”) Coupons Must be all different: With different UPC’s Total value of coupons can Not exceed the value of the product.  You can ask to see if they will adjust the coupons to make it equal to the product value – but this is the store’s decision. This statement above applies to most P&G Brandsaver products

Price Matching Policy

Will Price Match products if that store does not offer a Membership savings service example: Costco.  The retailer must be in the market area, and you must have a flyer that proves to be the exact item, and the retailer must have stock available. One product will be price matched.  – Manager’s discretion, to do more. No price matching on prescriptions, a Photofinishing, or on internet purchases.


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