Massive LuLuLemon Recall


Lululemon Recall for Canada

This brand as recalled more than 185,000 tops in Canada for dangerous drawstrings (CAN CAUSE FACIAL INJURIES!)

Drawstrings can snap back if pulled, and possibly injure wearers in the face

The affected products include everything from jackets and hoodies to tops and tunics!!

Here is a list of the apparel items that are being recalled by the Lululemon brand;

  • Carry and Go Hoodie.
  • Cool Down Jacket.
  • Course-ette Jacket.
  • Cozy Up Jacket.
  • Dance Studio Jacket.
  • Dance Sweat Shirt.
  • Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover.
  • Gratitude Wrap.
  • Necessity Jacket.
  • Proactive Jacket.
  • Refresh Snap Up.
  • Run Sun Blocker Pullover.
  • Run Track N Field Jacket.
  • Run With It Jacket.
  • Sanctuary Jacket.
  • Savasana Tunic.
  • Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket.
  • Stow’N Go Jacket.
  • Stride Jacket.
  • Summertime Tunic.
  • Varsity Hoodie.
  • Victory Jacket.
  • Wear With All Jacket.

If you or someone you know has purchased any of the above-recalled items, STOP WEARING IT IMMEDIATELY!

You have two options;

Remove the drawcord and discard OR contact Lululemon for a replacement drawcord that is non-elastic.

For more information on this latest Lululemon recall for Canada, click here. 

Share with all your friends and family so no one gets hurt!!

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