New Lysol Coupon For Canada – 2021

Here is the latest Lysol coupon.

  • Save $1.00 off  Lysol Disinfectant spray (239g)
  • Save $2.00 off Lysol Disinfectant spray (539g)

Lysol Coupon is available in Print Format Only.

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The Lysol Brand Mission For Health

Lysol offers several programs to ensure that we get healthy, from new mom programs to healthy habits at school.

New Moms can find helpful online information about keeping you and your baby healthy—tips and advice on your questions. You will also find special online offers just for you.

Schools are offering a program called Germ Detectives Program. This program educates our kids about the importance of surface and hand hygiene. How and when to clean down those surfaces and wash those little hands. Germs are everywhere, but it seems that schools are especially vulnerable because all these little kids are interacting with each other and spreading germs faster than you can say


Disaster Relief. Most of us do not think of Lysol when we hear the words Disaster Relief, but did you know that they help victims of disasters like earthquakes and floods? This is where they are needed the most. When something like this happens, it is crucial to ensure that these affected families have access to good hospitals and temporary shelters.

Lysol Products

There is a wide range of products available to make our lives easier AND healthier.

  • Touch of Foam Antibacterial Soaps
  • Power and Free Products: includes a multi-purpose bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners.
  • Surface Disinfection: For all the areas around your home that need to be disinfected.
  • Hand Soap
  • Multi-purpose cleaners: these products make life easier. There is no need for a ton of different bottles to do various jobs. One bottle, two jobs.
  • Kitchen Soap Dispensers and Refills
  • Bathroom Cleaners and Sprays
  • Fabric and Air products: Fabric mists that help freshen that hard-to-clean fabric. Make your home smell fresh again by giving that furniture of yours a once-over with these products.

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