Lysol, Lysol Mail in Rebate: Toilet Cleaner Try 1 FREE!


New Lysol Mail in Rebates for Canada

  • Try one Lysol ONE LYSOL® AUTOMATIC TOILET CLEANER (Blue Power 6™, Power & Fresh 6™, Click gel™, or Nature Fresh Inspirations™)


Need to know:

  • You will need to print them out and follow the instructions on the printout.
  • Must purchase the product before September 30, 2018. \
  • Request Rebate before October 31, 2018
  • Max Value of the rebate is $4.99

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 Mission For Health

Lysol offers some programs to help keep healthy.

  1. For New Moms
  2. For Schools.

New Moms can find information online to know how to keep their house clean and how to keep themselves and their babies healthy.

The School program is called the ” Germ Detectives Program.” This program teaches the kids about surface and hygiene for hands.  They learn how to clean surfaces and the importance of washing their hands. Disaster Relief. Most of us do not think of Lysol when we hear the words Disaster Relief, but did you know that they help victims of disasters like earthquakes and floods? This is where they are needed the most. When something like this happens, it is crucial to be sure these affected families have access to good hospitals and temporary shelters.

Lysol Products

  • Take touchFoam Antibacterial Soaps
  • Power and Free Products:
  • Surface Disinfection:
  • Hand Soap
  • Multipurpose Cleaners
  • Kitchen Soap Dispensers and Refills
  • Bathroom Cleaners and Sprays

Fabric and Air products: