Mac’s Canada Contest: WIN $1,000 CASH, PS4 Pro, $250 Gift Card + 30,000 Instant Win Prizes

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Mac’s Contest for Canada.

Rock Paper Contest.

Enter to WIN $1,000 CASH, PS4 Pro, $250 Gift Card + 30,000 Instant Win Prizes.

WEEKLY AND GRAND PRIZES: Each game play automatically results in one (1) entry, regardless of whether you win or lose the game. Selected participants will be contacted by text message with instructions on how to claim their prize.


WEEKLY PRIZES: Playstation 4 Pro 1TB or $250 Mac’s/Circle K Gift Card

INSTANT WIN: Some game plays result in instant prize coupons. In order to receive instant prize coupons, your mobile phone must be capable of receiving text messages and you must have access to the Internet.  All Mobile Coupons must be redeemed, in-store, within seventy two (72) hours, after which time, the Mobile Coupon will expire.

30,000 INSTANT WIN PRIZES include food and Drink prizes redeemable in-store.

To enter this contest, simply enter your mobile phone number, then follow the on screen instructions to choose either Rock, Paper or Scissors. Play against a virtually employee. The best 2 out of 3 is the winner. Very easy way to win great food and drink prizes.


  • Daily Entry
  • Open to residents of BC, AB, SK, MB and NWT only
  • Ages 13+
  • Mobile phone # required

Enter To Win Prizes Here

This Mac’s contest will end on April 2, 2019


Has this contest expired? Click here to enter more exciting contests and sweepstakes at


Mac’s Convenience Store History


The first Mac’s store was opened in 1961 at  Richmond Hill in Ontario in 1961.  Within 11 years there were over 350 stores across Ontario By 1983 Mac’s convenience stores opened in western Canada with 43 more stores.   There are now more than 1000 stores across Canada.

Like many Canada convenience stores, Mac’s started out selling dairy products and other items that consumers use on a regular basis. Soon enough, Canada’s Mac’s expanded to include just about anything you could want in a convenience store, including gas. Now there are over 1000 Mac’s in Canada providing convenience items.


Mac’s is probably best known for the controversy over the marketing campaign and brand WTF Foster. Many people were upset over the ad and even the fact that texting language was used to create a brand name. Of course, it wasn’t the use of texting language as much as it was what the acronym represented. But Mac’s was catering to a specific crowd. Mac’s provides all sorts of convenience store items for any age group, but the younger generation is better known to be on the go than older generations. This should be taken as a sign that Mac’s makes an effort to meet the needs of all varieties of people instead of as an offense to a specific crowd of people




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