Marc Angelo Recalls Product Due To Listeria Monocytogenes!!





Updated to Include another one of Marc Angelo Products

There is a new recall for Marc Angelo’s brand Genoa Salami and now Speck due to possible Listeria Monocytogenes contamination.

The Recalled Products UPC’s

MARC ANGELO Genoa Salami 100 g Best Before: 14 DE 01 6 27907 05735 9

Marc Angelo Smoked Prosciutto Speck 100 g Best Before 14 NO 02 6 27907 05740 3



What should Consumers do?

If you have the product at home, Return to the store where you purchased it, or throw it, do not consume it.

About the Recall:

This recall was from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They have alerted all industries to remove this recalled product from the marketplace.


  • No illnesses have been reported on today’s date.
  • Distributed in Quebec & Ontario

See Full Report: 

Dated August 7, 2014

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