Marilyn Denis Contest ~ Father’s Day Giveaway: Win one of 8 Prize Packs worth over $1700




The Marilyn Denis Contest for Canada. 

MARILYN’S Father’s Day Giveaway 2020 contest.

Enter for your chance to Win one of 8 Prize Packs worth over $1700!  

PRIZES: There are eight (8) prize packages available to be won, each consisting of the following items: 

  • One (1) voucher for a Hisesnse 55” 4K QLED Android TV from Walmart (approx. retail value: $598),
  • One (1) $250 gift card to Home Depot (approx. retail value: $250),
  • One (1) voucher for a robe, coffee mug and novel (approx. retail value: $113),
  • One (1) $150 gift card to Province Apothecary (approx. retail value: $150),
  • One (1) $120 gift card to KOTN (approx. retail value: $120),
  • One (1) voucher for a leather cargo bag from Roots (approx. retail value: $298),
  • One (1) $100 gift card to Lost + Found (approx. retail value: $100),
  • One (1) $150 gift card to Sonic Boom (approx. retail value: $150).

The approximate total retail value of the Prize is $1,779.

To enter this contest, simply fill out the secure online entry form at the link below.

Good Luck!


  • Daily Entry
  • Open to Canada only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority

Enter this Giveaway Here

This Marilyn Denis FULL Contest end date is June 29, 2020



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Marilyn Denis Show

Marilyn Denis was a host on the tv show Cityline for 19 years. Well, she finally has her appearance, and it’s appropriately titled The Marilyn Denis Show. This girl is so likable and funny that viewers tune in to her show just to see her sometimes.

Daytime tv got better when the first-ever episode was aired on Jan 10, 2011. It is now almost 2016, and this show is still going strong.

I think its popularity has to do with the fact that people can relate to this talk show host, the topics the show covers, and the fun and the unique way they go about it.

You gain knowledge, have a few laughs along the way.

Check out Marilyn’s website



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  1. Love your show. My daughter in law ,her Mother and I were treated for Mother’s day gift to go see your show. We live in Nova Scotia,so we were so excited with the plane ,hotel and your show. I think it was the only time you weren’t there. We saw a lot of good looking guys from tv shows. But really would have liked to see you.

  2. Please contact the company directly. We are not the sponsor of this promotion, we only share things we find online with our fans.

  3. Love the show and all of the guests especially Charles the butler, I just wanted to know who won the 10 days of Christmas. Its never posted, just wondering?


  5. You have a great show Marilyn…I watch it all the time.
    Many times I have been inspired by your experts and practice
    their ideas.

  6. I love your show. I have watched your show since you were hosting city line. Sad when you left but was so excited when I saw the ad that you were coming back with your own show. I love the guests and people on the show. You all look like you have such a good time. I have learned so much from the the information you put on. I often think how nice it would be if one of your decorators could come and update our kitchen. My husband not well with pacemaker and on oxygen. I turned 75 and have no idea where to start.

  7. Amazing show I watch it and tape it so I can watch it again. Love the feel good stories. And……… its Canadian!

  8. I am THE original MARILYN D. fan…have been watching you since the early days (Debbie T. , Steven S. ). Your infectious, down-to-earth way has kept me tuning in everyday, even during my lengthy hospital stay of two years. Maybe I feel too close to you…I actually cried when you announced your impending Nana-hood !
    So glad to see that Steven S. is back to his decor roots…I still have a few crafts of his from those early days, and luv scull decor too. DECOR THURSDAYS RULE !
    Yes, It would be cool to win todays ‘ giveaway of awesome gifts,a few of which would lighten the shopping list for my family.

  9. Marilyn….I can see that you’re still really enjoying doing your show ;o) Enjoy a festive, healthy and safe holiday season with your family! You are like family!


  10. I have never won from this 10 day giveaways on her show:( But am trying once again this year:).. Have never been able to get tickets to go on the show either.:(

  11. I have been a great supporter and admirer of Marilyn and her show for over 20 years. I love her approachable and down to earth personality, which is why her show is so popular and well received. In addition, she makes the morning CHUM FM show pop, and is the one mainstay that drives the radio show. I love how she co-hosts with Jamarr so fluidly, and naturally. This is a testament to her professionalism and likeability. They really make the show a cut above the rest. Still miss Roger
    Ashby though – hope he is enjoying his well deserved retirement.

  12. Be Canadian, watch Marilyn Denis . Merry Christmas to the show staff, families and you Marilyn.

  13. Absolutely fantastic Marilyn – hope you and your
    family have a great and healthy holiday.

  14. Love your show wouldn’t miss it. Just wish I was able enough
    to come in person. I am a senior (74) and live in Alberta. Love the cooking shows with Rodney, Mary etc and also the tips from organizing to the work outs ( I just adjust to fit my abilities – arthritis, osteoporosis, COPD). Have a Happy and fun Holiday season with your new husband and new granddaughter (a first for both) as well as your son and daughter in law.

  15. Love Love Love your show ,you are my favorite part of my day I always PVR when I get home I put my feet up make a coffee and spend time watching you and all your guests/friends.
    Kindness Matters

  16. such an iconic program and so much class. I tape it daily not to miss Marilyn and gives me a daily boost. Thank you Marilyn and staff.

  17. This is the best daily show. Love your guests.always good thing to learn every day!

  18. I love your show Marilyn, i record it every day while I’m working, lol. Happy holidays to you & your family.
    Carole from Montreal



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