McDonalds Canada Coupons – New Coupons Available NOW!!

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McDonald’s Canada as just released it’s latest coupons to give consumers HUGE SAVINGS!!

Coupons vary by province but there are great deals for everyone.

Here are just a few of the fantastic coupons you will find;

  • Buy any regular-size McFlurry, for $2.69
  • Two can dine breakfast meal, for $7.68
  • Breakfast meal deal, for $3.99
  • Buy any McMuffin sandwiches, for $2.69
  • Small McCafé specialty coffee, for $1.00
  • Angus or Seriously Chicken meal deal, for $7.29
  • Buy one, get one free Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish or 6-piece Chicken McNuggets
  • Two can dine coupons and much more!!!

Alberta Coupons

British Columbia


New Brunswick



Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island




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Coupons expire February 4, 2018.

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McDonalds coupon for free products or free products with purchase.

Take a McDonalds customer Survey and you can receive free stuff with your purchase.

Note: You will need a store number from a recent receipt to participate.

I just completed this survey and was rewarded with the following coupon;

  • Buy any large sandwich and get a medium fries or side-salad and a medium soft drink FREE.

Mcdonald’s has been known to reward free beverages, burgers, and even full meals with completion of this survey.

Click here to complete survey and receive a FREE McDonald’s Coupon. 

See coupon for expiry date.

Has this Brand’s Coupons Expired? Please take a look at other Restaurant coupons for your savings opportunity today



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Company Facts:

McDonald’s restaurants can be found around the world in 120 different countries, and serves approximately 68 million per day.  They have over 34,000 restaurants, and employ around 1.7 million people.

What is your Favorite Mcdonald’s item!

I’m sure it’s a tie between their Big Mac and Chicken Nuggets for me.  I try and avoid MacDonald altogether but sometimes while traveling it is convenient to go through the drive thru  and carry on down the road.  I do enjoy once in a while their Fish fillet, and If super starved I will have their Angus Burger.

Drinks: I do love their Iced Coffee – Sugar Free Vanilla – and love enjoying them all summer long for a small for just $1.00.  And when a milkshake is in order – I heart their chocolate ones! Unless it’s close to St Patrick’s day then It’s Shamrock Shake all the way!

Summer Value- Every Summer you can enjoy iced drinks at starting at just  $1.00! Enjoy the taste of a cool drink for just a loonie! What a great way to spend an afternoon with your gal pals.

Winter Value – Enjoy small coffee for just a $1.00 – Also did you know each cup you can work your way towards a Free one? Check it out the next time your in for a coffee.


  1. Joan, You will need to contact McDonald’s directly with your request. We are not affiliated with them, we simply share their deals and coupons with our fans.

  2. Our group, the Alantic Mission Society, is sponsoring a conference in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, in September, 2017. We are filling welcome bags and are expecting 100 adult female delegates.
    Would you be able to supply anything that we could use ie: pens, notebooks, magnets, coupons, etc.?
    The delegates would have access to McDonald’s in North Sydney, N. S.
    A reply would be appreciated.


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