McDonald’s Canada ~ Get your FREE Medium Fries Every Monday!

McDonald’s FREE Deals for Canada

“Free Fry Monday”

  • Get FREE McDonalds Medium Fries Every Monday!!

Claim your FREE Medium French fries at Mcdonalds every Monday from 11am-4 am. Yum!!

ONLY available through the McD`s app!

This is completely free. You do not have to buy anything else to get your free medium fries every Monday through the McD app.

How great is that!

*** May only be available in certain provinces. Check your McD app to see if the offer is there for you!

Download the McD`s app from the app store or google play Here

This McDonald’s Free Offer is Valid every Monday from 11am-4am

mcdonalds survey

McDonald’s FREE Product Coupon For Canada 2018

Hurry and take the McDonald’s Survey and receive a FREE PRODUCT COUPON

**free product with purchase (

Click here to grab FREE FOOD AT MCDONALDS RESTAURANTS (Customer Satisfaction Survey). If link time expires be sure to copy this url directly and place in your browser –

McDonald’s Free Coupon offer may vary and is available for a limited time only.

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McDonald’s Monopoly

The McDonald’s Monopoly game is back at participating restaurants. From  Late September, to end of Yearly. you can find game pieces on McDonald’s food packaging. Match the game pieces to the corresponding board blocks and you are a winner. There are many prizes up for grabs. There is still time to play. The next time you are visiting your local restaurant be sure to check it out.

McDonald’s Menu

Find a wide variety of delicious items that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. They even have lower fat options like salads, yogurt, and wraps if you are looking for a healthier alternative.

Even their kid’s meals have gotten a little healthier. Apple slices and yogurt are great options to include in your child’s Happy Meal.

Value Picks Menu

This option is very popular. I guess the name “value” just about sums it up really. Each item on the Value Picks Menu is priced at $1.39 all day every day. They have different options available for breakfast and the rest of the day.

Breakfasts include coffee and muffin and the sausage McMuffin, For the rest of the day, the Value Picks Menu includes the McDouble, Bacon Cheeseburger, Junior Chicken, 2 baked Apple Pies, Coffee & Muffin, Vanilla Cone, small drink, or small fries.




  1. McDonalds on Main Street in Dartmouth needs to have better management. My husband my granddaughter and myself have been going to that location for over a year only because it’s the only one that had an indoor playground. The place is filthy and they allowe young kids to hang out there, with or without a purchase. We as customers have had to talk to these young kids because of their foul language. I have been called a bitch and other names from confronting these kids because of their actions and language. The best part is at No time did any member of management come and do anything about it. So as a customer from this day forward I will no longer enter a McDonald’s or support them anymore. Store number: 1809 Date, 13 April 2018 at 5:45pm

  2. Do not upsize as they say you can because they rip you off. If a small coffee is free and it usually costs a dollar I would expect to pay just the 30 cents extra to upsize to medium which costs 1.30. Well I was charged a dollar for a medium coffee so I only saved 30 cents when I should have saved a dollar because that is what you save on the free small right now. I was told that only the small is free…well I know that but then why say you can upsize right on the poster when they know they are going to practically charge full price.


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