McDonald’s Recalls 33 million Unsafe Activity Trackers




McDonald’s Toy Recall for August 2016

McDonald’s as just recalled 33 MILLION Unsafe Activity Trackers!! 3.6 million in Canada!!!!

Said to cause irritation, blisters and even skin burns!!!

Children are getting burned from this product!!

The “step-it” activity trackers have been included in Happy Meals, as part of a child fitness promotion between August 9 and 17th this year

If you or someone you know has this product. STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY! Do not let your child wear or play with it!!



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McDonald’s recalls Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Whistle

There are currently 8 toys found in the Hello Kitty Collection, however, the whistle is the ONLY item being recalled.

The Hello Kitty Toy opens up to reveal a whistle(the whistle is the affected product)

Reason for Recall – Pieces of the whistle can detach causing a choking hazard to your child.

Approximately 200,000 of the recalled whistles were distributed exclusively at McDonald’s restaurants across Canada and approximately 2.3 million were distributed in the United States.

There have been two reports in the United States where children have actually coughed out pieces of the whistle.

No reports in Canada so far

If you or someone you know as purchased the recalled McDonald’s Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Whistle, take it away from your child immediately.

The recalled product can be returned to your local McDonald’s Restaurant for a safe replacement toy+yogurt tube OR apple slices.

Click here for more information on this latest McDonald’s Recall

Let’s get the word out there and share with everyone you know. Let’s keep all those kid’s safe. If this post helps just one child from getting hurt, it is worth the share.


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