Metro Quebec Coupons Weekly Printable expire July 19, 2017

Metro Quebec Coupons Weekly Printable expire July 19, 2017



Metro Stores can be found in Quebec and Ontario, but each province runs individual contests and coupons! Here’s the Quebec side of Coupons.

These Weekly Coupons 

Here are the latest printable coupons valid at Metro Quebec;

  • $1.00 off when you buy Irresistibles Coffee Pods
  • $1.00 off when you buy Selection Hazelnut with cocoa spread

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Coupons expire on July 19, 2017



Click the link below to find a valuable coupon just for you that will save on your next in store shopping trip at Metro.

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Metro Mon épicier

Founded in 1947.

Earn points with every purchase  you make. Show your card when you make a purchase at Metro Mon Epicier locations and earn valuable points to redeem. Look for products in store and earn up to 10x more points.

Tips From The Experts At Metro

The Butcher: there are many meat products to choose from at Metro and it might be a little overwhelming for some of you. Their butcher is there to answer any questions you may have. He will characterize the information in eight way;

Cooked hams, Terrines, Foams, Rillettes, The Foie Gras, Raw and Cooked Sausages, Dry Sausages and Cooked, Other Deli Meat, etc

The Baker: find helpful information on product shelf life, tips and tricks of the trade, nutritional value of bread and more. Gardeners: look for eye-catching displays of delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables at your local Metro Quebec store. Fishmonger: seafood at its finest. From fresh trout to salmon, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Find tasty recipes using fish and seafood as well. How to cook certain seafood can be a challenge for some people. Find all the helpful hints you need here. Cheese: cheese tasting events to cooking with cheese, you will find it all at Metro Quebec. What to buy, how to store, and how to use cheese products.

Annual Sales

Metro Stores make over 11 billion in annual sales.

This store brand employs over 65 000 people.

In the third quarter of 2014 the earnings per share increased by a whopping 9.4%.

Job Positions

At the time of this post there are currently a total of 39 available positions with Metro stores. Quebec holds the largest number of available jobs at 33, while Ontario as a total of 6 available job openings


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