Michaels Canada Recalls Ashland Holiday Paper Boxes

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Michael’s Canada is recalling it’s Ashland Holiday Paper Boxes due to possible Microbial Hazard

Reason this product is being recalled;

  • Aspergillus mold was found on some of the boxes, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with chronic health problems or weakened immune systems.

There are nine designs affected (see chart at link below for full list)

There have been no reports of injury or illness, this is a precautionary recall.

Click here for more information on the latest developments in this Michael’s product recall for Canada.

If you or someone you know has purchased this recalled product at Michael’s stores, DO NOT USE! Return product to store and they will issue a refund. Michael’s will also accept a photo or receipt that shows proof of purchase.

michaels oct 29

Michaels stores have just issued a new product recall for Canada

Product being recalled is the ;

Ashland Summer Living Vintage Wood Folding Table

Reason for recall;

Product may collapse under heavy weight causing falls or injuries.

There have been a total of four reports in the United States but none in Canada as of yet.

Click here for more information on latest Michael’s Recall

If you or someone you know might have purchased the Ashland Summer Living Vintage Wood Folding Table be sure to stop using it immediately. Return product to your local Michael’s store for a full refund


michaels sept 22

Michaels Recalls ArtMinds Craft Boa

This latest recall from Michaels Craft stores is the following product

Black-Colored Feather Boa with Universal Product Code (UPC) 400100633083 and SKU 072012

Reason for recall – It DOES NOT meet the requirements for textile flammability under Canadian law

This product is used for craft projects and I am thinking that with Halloween just around the corner that many will be using this product to create costumes and decor around your home.

If this item is exposed to flame or heat it could catch on fire posing a serious hazard.

Click here for latest information on Michael’s Canada Recall

Please share so all your friends and family are aware of this.

We do not want anybody out there getting hurt.

If you or someone you know may have purchased the ArtMinds Craft Boa you have the option to return to your local Michael’s Store for a full refund or to just disgard.



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This company was founded back in 1973.

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