Miracle Whip Sale $6.77 for 1.5L



Jul 8, 2020

Miracle Whip Sale Online!

Here’s a great sale found on amazon.ca ( Canada)

1.5l of Miracle Whip for $6.77  ( Available in Original or Calorie Wise)

This is an add-on item!

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What is the difference between mayonnaise and Miracle Whip?

Miracle whip contains the same base ingredients as traditional mayonnaise all Miracle Whip has is a bit of different flavour from its flavour of the secret spicy recipe.

What is Miracle Whip made of?

Water, corn syrup, vinegar, cornstarch, salt, eggs, soybean oil, spices, garlic, and mustard flour.

Is Miracle Whip considered dairy?

Miracle Whip is NOT considered dairy and is considered dairy-free!



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